Person of the week: Lynn Reid

Person of the Week: Lynn Reid

She walks the trails lightly, but hopes to leave footprints in Shelton’s history

The epitome of selflessness, with a huge heart and a healthy work ethic, Lynn Reid is known throughout Shelton for her efforts in trying to make the community a more pleasant place to live now and in years to come.

Her peers have referred to her as an “invaluable worker,” “energetic” and “caring.”

She is a longtime member of the City of Shelton Trails Committee, the Connecticut Forest and Park Association (CFPA) trail manager for five miles of the Blue-Blazed Paugussett Trail between Indian Well State Park and Buddington Road, is involved in dog therapy at several homes for the elderly, is an active member of the former Dog Park Committee, has helped to maintain both the Eklund Native Species Garden and the Dog Park Garden, and is known for leading lengthy guided hikes through Shelton for both the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and the Shelton Trails Committee.

In her spare time she said she enjoys training her dogs Opal and Jewel, cooking, and reading. Prior to moving to Shelton, Reid taught business classes at Housatonic Community College.

“When I moved to Shelton I had no idea about the trails and began walking them,” said Reid. “I found out the Trails Committee needed help, which we still need, and showed up enough times where they asked me to join the committee.”

Reid said she is one of seven currently on the committee and they are actively searching for other volunteers. They hold work parties on the second and fourth Saturday of each month where anyone who wants to lend a hand may get involved, according to Reid.

“I think a part of the reason why I gravitated towards the woods and trails so much is because I don’t sit well,” said Reid. “I like to be active, up, and outdoors as much as I can and get the dogs out with me too. When I’m on the water kayaking I bring them along. They even have life jackets and sit on the bow of the boat.”

She lives on Wesley Drive in a house overlooking the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path, and said she built the house in that location specifically so she could see the trail from her window, where she installed a table and chairs along the path for hikers. She stocks a mailbox with trail maps for hikers She will go out and talk with hikers and provide info on the trail.

“I am trying to keep this wonderful natural resource available to more people and hand in hand with that as more families come to understand the importance of it we won’t lose it to development or pollution. There will be another generation to perpetuate it,” said Reid. “I call this a passion. I don’t think I will live to be a million so if there’s something that I want to leave behind it’s awareness.”

Reid also fosters kittens to support the local animal shelter. Her daughter jokes that she is a saint because all of her hobbies and interests involve helping others.

She said she’s extremely proud of her job as a grandmother and her independence, but it can also be one of her downfalls

“The bad thing about that is the word ‘help’ isn’t in my vocabulary,” said Reid. “It should be. I have a hard time asking for help, but I would be the first person to help someone else.”

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