Play Garden Jeopardy on Sept. 12

The Olde Ripton Garden Club will test plant skills in a game of “Garden Jeopardy” at their Sept. 12 meeting.  The game will challenge players to identify flowers, natives and invasive plants, pollinators, and offer a special category for the State of CT flora and fauna.

This fun event is hands-on and enjoyable for gardeners one and all.  A "Plant Mystery" segment will help identify plants that even seasoned gardeners may be baffled by.  If there is an unknown plant in your collection, bring it along and we'll see if we can identify it.  

Also featured at this meeting is a Plant Swap.  If you have any tired, old or unwanted plants that you'd like to swap out for something new, bring them along.  Also, a great time to thin out the beds and share the bounty of your perennials and plants with other gardeners.  

The meeting will be held at 10 am at the Plumb Memorial Library.  The public is welcome to attend and new members are encouraged.  There is a visitor fee of $5 for non-members who come to the meeting.  A special Chinese Food buffet will be served and all those attending are asked to pay an additional $5.  Annual member dues are $25 for any who would like to join the Club.

No mastery garden experience required. You just need to love plants and nature and want to learn more.  For more info