Pogoda encourages residents to vote

As a longtime member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I know first hand the many hours spent in meetings, hours of prepping for meetings and the 3-4 hours of each meeting that are required of a P&Z member.  The P&Z Commission members can easily volunteer 30 plus personal hours each month to complete their assigned task of overseeing applications for land use.

Our commission, as well as the other land use boards are vital to the success of our city and its economic well-being. The P&Z commission has been very well served by its present commissioners. The Commission's dedication and record with regard to hearing and seeking the best possible use of land in Shelton is very clear. As each member of the commission is well aware, we must follow the laws and ordinances established by our state and city legislators. All land in the State of CT is governed by state statutes and in each city there are zoning laws and ordinances which further define the use of any land mass. Over the tenure as commissioners, Ms. Parkins and I  have participated in many zoning matters where the first proposals are simply outlandish. After careful and open discussions and negotiations, the proposal is finally approved with modifications which bring it into compliance. In some cases, land use proposals never come to fruition because they do not meet the zoning criteria.

Over the many years as P&Z commissioners I and Ms. Parkins have voted against several projects that we felt were not in the best interest for the city and the residents of Shelton. Our discussions and findings on any matter are public record. The record is very clear that the present P & Z Commission has assisted in the balanced growth of Shelton in all areas and has been instrumental in assisting in holding our taxes in check. I do wish to remind the voters that I and Ms. Parkins are running for re-election on Nov. 7 as the endorsed candidates from the Shelton Republican Town Committee. Any changes in the P&Z members at this time would not be in the best interest for the City of Shelton. Our present commission functions well with Ruth, myself and the other members not up for re-election at this time. I ask that you vote for Ms. Parkins and myself on Nov. 7.