Presents 4 Pets local campaign is called a success

The holiday season was a little brighter for shelter pets, thanks to the efforts of the annual Presents 4 Pets campaign. Locally, this effort was headed by Mandy Oram of Paws and Kisses Pet Services in Shelton.

Items such as toys, treats, food, blankets, towels, rugs, beds, leashes, collars and cat litter were collected and donated to local shelters and rescue groups. Through this year’s campaign, Paws and Kisses Pet Services collected more than $2,000 worth of products and donated them to local animal shelters and rescue groups.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who donated to this worthy cause and helped to make the ‘Presents 4 Pets’ campaign a success,” said Oram. “It is crucial that we remember animal shelters and rescue groups and the important role they serve in the local community, both at the holiday season and throughout the year.”

Presents 4 Pets is a national collection drive to benefit shelter and rescue animals. Held in conjunction with National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, this program solicits pet care products needed to help keep shelters and rescue organizations operational, and animals comfortable and safe.

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