Professor Egghead’s Science Academy huge success at St. Josephs

St. Joseph's Elementary School graduated its first class of students from a new afterschool program called Professor Egghead’s Science Academy on Dec. 17, 2015.

The afterschool program was originally designed by two brothers, Shaun and Gary Tuch, who are living in California with a passion for science and engineering. The idea stemmed from them wanting to create a fun way of teaching kids about various areas of science.

According to the Academy’s website, the brothers designed a curriculum that challenges the students to participate in hands on activities which are meant help them grasp concepts more efficiently.

The specialized curriculum is designed to engage kids between the ages of 4.5 – 10 years old and the students can earn degrees in 9 different areas of science. Each program/arrae lasts for 8 to 10 weeks depending on the school’s calendar and is focused on one of the program’s 9 areas.

Professor Egghead’s Science Academy first made its way into St. Joseph’s Elementary by a parent inquiring about their program and deciding it could be something the students would benefit from, according to the school’s principal Stephen Anderson.

He added that since the academy began its afterschool curriculum he’s noticed the students more excited for learning and the Egghead instructor’s visit once a week. Anderson said he hopes to see the program continue to grow at the school in the future.

“Even at the end of the day you can feel their positive energy and excitement from learning something new,” said Anderson. “It’s amazing to watch.”

During the instructor’s visit once-a-week they teach an hour long lesson focused on one area in science. Most recently, the students learned about outer space and graduated with their “Egghead Degree,” making them “Egghead Astronauts.”

Anderson said this is a perfect example of showing how a parent’s involvement can benefit the students.

Mayor Lauretti also said he is a believer of a parent’s level of involvement in their child’s education influencing their success.

“Those kids who have strong parental involvement are going to do better. That support can’t be substituted,” said Lauretti.