Public invited to seminar on freedom in Shelton

Loren Spivack, an advocate of free enterprise and smaller government, will speak June 26 and 27 at the Shelton Community Center, 41 Church St.

Spivack will give a two-part presentation on “The Nature of Freedom: History, Law and the Environment,” focusing on the evolution of freedom and why he believes it is misunderstood.

The sessions will go from 6-9:30 p.m. on that Wednesday and Thursday, and are free and open to the public. Organizers said high school students in particular are urged to attend. Donations are optional to help pay for Spivack’s time and travel.

Pizza will be served from 5:45 to 6, before the sessions, with those in attendance early asked to contribute a couple bucks if they plan to eat, according to organizers.

‘The Free Market Warrior’

Spivack, who has been called “The Free Market Warrior,” will emphasize the importance of freedom.

“History students are often surprised when they learn that Germany’s Nazi government made continuous reference to ‘freedom,’” he said. “A young Nazi could precisely explain how Hitler was protecting and expanding personal freedoms.”

He added, “Ronald Reagan said, ‘Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.’ To preserve it, we must understand it. And, in particular, we must understand the subterfuge being used to destroy it; usually in the name of ‘freedom.’”

Sponsored by 9/12 organization

This event is sponsored by 9/12ers of Southern Connecticut. For information, contact Linda Garamella-Fusco at 203-257-0019 or

“Freedom may be the least controversial of all human desires,” Spivack said. “From communism to radical Islam, regimes have claimed the mantle of ‘freedom.’ Unfortunately, there is a widespread misunderstanding of ‘freedom’ and why it is so difficult for democracy to survive in the long term.”