Resident endorses Gidwani for First Ward Alderman

I’m writing today to give my ringing endorsement to David Gidwani for 1st Ward Alderman.  Who am I and why is my endorsement something worth heeding?  Well that’s just it.  I’m no different than any other hard working citizen who’s proud of our City of Shelton.  I have been close friends with David for at least five years and I would call him a mentor of sorts as I’ve been slowly trying to get involved with public service as my time allows. David is incredibly open-minded with an even temperament that is admirable to say the least in the typically polarizing world of politics we can find ourselves in.  He’s exactly what Shelton needs as a balance to the many priorities of a very diverse group of residents. Too often we’re pelted by the naysayers who would have us believing that Shelton were a one trick pony of low taxes. Well David would tell you that there’s so much more to Shelton than low taxes and that there’s a lot more that goes into running a city efficiently. He has quietly served our city as a volunteer and member of the Republican Town Committee and more specifically on the very important steering committee which has so many factors to consider in its duty to guide policy and establish city wide goals.

From a personal standpoint, he’s such a great guy, down to earth and easy to talk with. He is a very successful business owner and has a wonderful family. David’s wife is an educator herself, and in the very important area of education she is a positive influence on his outlook on the children of Shelton and he will be very attuned to the needs of our schools.

As a life long Sheltonite, I’m certain there is so much we have to take pride in, especially considering the greater economic and quality of life environment we find ourselves in within the state of CT.  We are a beacon, and before us we have a true gentleman who’s more than willing to carry the torch for years to come in our great city.  On Nov. 7 vote David Gidwani for 1st Ward Alderman.