Resident reunited with cat after six months missing

One Shelton resident was reunited with her cat after it was missing for six months.

According to Leon Sylvester, Shelton’s animal control supervisor, there was no doubt that Lulu belonged to Susanna Leiffer.

“Usually we ask, but the cat hugged her so tight, no doubt it was hers,” said Sylvester after announcing that the two had been reunited via the city’s animal shelter Facebook page on Feb. 8.

After six months of living without 3-year-old Lulu, Leiffer said, she was distraught and had lost all hope because of the coyotes that are known to live near her family’s Shelton home.

She explained that she named the cat Lulu because originally, when she picked him up from the Stratford Cat Project, the staff told her he was a female. When she and her husband took him to get neutered, the doctors doing the procedure realized he was a boy, but the family decided to keep his name because they were already used to calling him that.

Back in August 2017, when Lulu failed to return home after going outside as he normally did, Leiffer posted photos of him all over Facebook and contacted the Stratford Cat Project for help spreading the word. She also hung up signs, and even walked around Seymour and visited the towns that neighbor Shelton.

Despite losing all hope in the ensuing months, when she was out sick from work last Thursday, Feb. 8, she received a lead on Lulu’s whereabouts that got her hopes up.

“I received a text from the woman who owns H3 Pet Supply in Stratford, and who used to work with the Stratford Cat Project, asking if a post shared by the Shelton Animal Shelter could be my cat,” said Leiffer. “So immediately I called the shelter and they asked me to come down and see if the cat they had was Lulu or not. I was in such a rush that I forgot to ask if it was a boy or a girl.”

When Leiffer arrived, the staff at the Shelton Animal Shelter led her to the cat and anxiously waited to see if they had found Lulu.

“It looked like him, but when I picked him up, he was so much smaller,” said Leiffer. “Then he began to kiss my face, which the staff said he hadn’t done to anyone else. I couldn’t believe it was him.”

The family welcomed Lulu home and said they were so happy to have him back.

“Our oldest cat, Henry, was moping around the house for weeks after he realized that Lulu was missing,” said Leiffer. “As soon as we brought him home, they began to sniff each other. We love having Lulu home — he now constantly wants to be with someone.”