Resident supports Widomski for P&Z

As a lifelong Republican, my first vote was for Gene Hope for mayor in 1977, I read with interest the comments of Party Chair Simonetti in the Herald’s Oct. 18 edition. The Chair said Widomski’s candidacy for the Planning and Zoning Commission is not endorsed by the Republican Party. The Chairman is incorrect. Chairman Simonetti needs to remember the Republican Party is not just the elite members of the town committee, instead it’s made up of all the registered Republican voters of SHelton. It is those voters, through the petition and primary process, who have the final say who is an endorsed candidate of the Republican Party. While it is true Widomski is not a candidate of the party elite he is a candidate of the Republican Party. Widomski is a registered Republican and earned a spot on the Republican line by collecting signatures of Republican grassroots voters. Widomski, unlike some of the candidates, understands the purpose of the P&Z is not to simply rubber stamp the wishes of the city hall and the developers. Which might be why the Chairman and party elites don’t support him.