Resident voices his concern for Long Hill Ave. condo proposal

Some residents in the Long Hill Avenue area of Shelton have been voicing their concerns after hearing the possibility of condominiums being built near their home.

Residents have created a petition opposing the condos and have made signs encouraging anyone opposed to the idea to attend tonight’s Planning and Zoning 7 p.m board meeting.

Joe Azary and his family live on Long Hill Avenue and are not happy about the proposal. They moved to Shelton in 1996 to get away from the over development and high taxes in Norwalk, according to Azary.

“For many years Shelton was great at preventing over development and preserving open space as well as preserving the historical culture and atmosphere of the town,” said Azary. “It seems that over the past couple of years there have been more development and large scale projects initiated.”

Azary said he knows the city’s developments bring in tax dollars, but too many can result in damage to the city’s history and natural beauty. He added that he thinks the development would be a “burden to the school system and infrastructure (garbage collection, police, fire), and  increases traffic on the roads, etc.”

He suggested that the time and money go towards the revitalization of the downtown area.

“There are opportunities to take old buildings and turn them into stores, restaurants, and apartments. They could take things that are eyesores and turn them into a thriving downtown area that brings in revenue and makes the town look like a modern and attractive place to visit,” said Azary.

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s meeting will take place at 7p.m inside City Hall.