Residents take to the water over the weekend

Boating, picnicking, sports, fishing, swimming and hiking are all activities residents can take part in at Indian Well State Park.

Indian Well was so named because of the Romeo and Juliet-like Native American legend surrounding the park’s scenic waterfalls and the splash pool at the bottom of the falls. Local Native Americans never actually used the area as a well, according to the Connecticut DEEP. In 1928 Indian Well was established as a state park.

The park is open from 8 a.m. through sunset.

Pets are prohibited, except at the Maples area of park and entire park from the day after Labor Day to Memorial Day weekend.

For the weekend, the cost to park is $9 for residents before 4 p.m., afterwards, the price is $5. During the week, price is $6, and then $5.