SHS all set to host graduation

Shelton High School staff said it will be prepared to host its annual graduation ceremony at Finn Stadium on Thursday, June 21 at 6 p.m.

Just months after everyone in the city learned the district planned to host its 2018 graduation ceremony in Ansonia, SHS Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith confirmed that the commencement ceremony will run as it has in previous years, with some minor adjustments because of the ongoing renovations to the stadium.

“To date, the field, track, pavement and fencing have been removed and a curtain drain has been installed,” said Dr. Smith. “Some of the new fence posts have also been installed. For graduation, a temporary walkway has been paved in part of the stadium.”

Dr. Smith said the timeline for completion of the stadium renovation isn’t until September 2018.

“We are full systems go for Thursday night,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet. “Weather looks like it’s going to cooperate. The brand new, flat, paved temporary walkway will make it easier for students and citizens to move into the stadium. The field is covered in compact, clean gravel so it’s very clean. It’s not the artificial turf from last year, but it’s very neat and clean. We plan to have a very joyful celebration that students and their families can be proud of.”