SHS to create school Hall of Fame

After years of discussion, Shelton High School will implement its Hall of Fame in 2017 to honor and celebrate anyone who has had a positive impact on the school.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet said there are several meetings with committee members that will take place before the school has its first induction ceremony, but he expects it to happen at the end of the 2016-2017 school year in either May or June.

Dr. Clouet also emphasized that those inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame will not be limited to just students.

“Whether it’s a student, faculty member or a community member we want to celebrate anyone who has had a positive impact on the high school,” said Clouet.

The process is still in its early phases, according to Clouet, but after a long time coming he said he expects a small group of people to be inducted come the end of the school year.

“We intend to have some sort of plaque for those inducted hanging in the school, which could be built upon over the years, with their names as well as their accomplishment” said Clouet. “It’s exciting and will raise the profile of the high school while letting people know that we have some traditions we’re very proud of and very successful graduates in all lines of work and of course some very successful staff members that have helped to make this all possible.”

The development of the idea was a collaborative process that has been discussed over the years among Principal of SHS Dr. Beth Smith, John Niski, as well as some present and past Board of Ed members.

More information on the high school’s newest attraction will be shared as it is developed through meetings with Dr. Clouet and a committee made up of SHS staff.