SIS and SHS awarded for Governor's Reading Challenge

On May 20 six students from Shelton High and Shelton Intermediate School were awarded by Gov. Dannel Malloy for their personal and school achievements in the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Both Shelton High and Intermediate School were recognized as one of the top performing schools in the 2015 summer challenge.

“Students were honored to represent the school, to be there,” said Headmaster of Shelton High School Dr. Beth Smith. “It’s always an honor for a highschool student to be in the same room as the governor so that assists in making this a prestigious event.”

The two schools were recognized in their respective categories of high school and middle school. Smith and Headmaster of Shelton Intermediate School, Ken Saranich both said this was the first time during their careers in Shelton they have been recognized for the reading challenge.

According to the Governor's Summer Reading Challenge 2015 participation results Shelton High had an 83 perecent and Shelton Intermediate School had a 90 percent participation rate out of their total amount of students.

The Shelton school district had 81 percent participation rate in total said Victoria White, Supervisor of Literacy, Assessment and Professional Learning for Shelton Public Schools. This is a four percent increase from last year’s 77 percent, according to White.

“To get into the eighties and nineties as a district this is the first time in a very long time that we have been able to do that,” said White.

White wants to see around 85 percent participation for the school district next summer. She attributes part of the school's success to the incentives set up.

The bright orange Viking Dollar was an incentive for Shelton Intermediate students to participate in the reading challenge. The school’s own form of currency can be used at the school store and cafeteria.  The Viking Dollar is awarded to students who hand in their reading list with over one book read during the summer, according to Saranich.

As the school year comes to a close Saranich wants to recognize the student’s accomplishments over last summer and encourage them to succeed again at the end of the year ceremony.

“[I’ll] tell them how this is a feat that hasn't been, as far as we can remember, has never been won at Shelton Intermediate School and let's try and break an all time record and win it twice,” said Saranich.

He stressed the importance of reading over the summer.

“I'm proud of the kids either way it's great to have this recognition,” Saranich said. “I just like to see kids read, I like to see kids be successful.”