SIS celebrates National Read Across America Day

Shelton Intermediate school celebrated the legendary Dr. Suess’ birthday Wednesday, March 2 by reading several of his classic books for National Read Across America Day.
Leaders of the community such as Mayor Mark Lauretti, State Rep. Jason Perillo, Interim Chief of police Capt. Shawn Sequeira, multiple members of the Board of Aldermen, and a number of others participated in the day dedicated to everyone’s experience with reading.

Before everyone was escorted to their assigned classrooms to read to the students, Headmaster Ken Saranich read an excerpt from one of his favorite books: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Saranich explained his own struggles with reading when he was growing up and explained why he now prefers reading a book versus watching it as a movie.

“When you’re reading the book, your imagination can create images and take you places the movie just can’t capture,” said Saranich.