SRTC thanks voters for support

The 2017 Shelton municipal elections resulted in the citizens of Shelton resoundingly choosing the SRTC Candidates to manage our fair city over the next two years.  Our Republican Town Committee and our candidates thank you for the votes and the vote of confidence in our candidates and their leadership qualities.   We look forward to meeting the challenges of managing our municipality and to future opportunities to move Shelton forward with balanced growth. responsible spending and low taxes. Our elected officials over the past 26 years have worked diligently and successfully to cooperate and support the Lauretti Republican Administration in following these three promises.   The proof and validity of these promises are evident throughout the city of Shelton and are a testimony to Mayor Mark A. Lauretti's foresight and commitment to its citizens since 1991.

The Shelton RTC appreciates and thanks the citizens who have come forward over the years to be elected officials, commission or board members and volunteers providing their expertise, skills and knowledge to enhance the City of Shelton with more amenities and  programs from sporting events to the fine arts and cultural programs we all enjoy today.   Ours is a community blessed to have so many who sacrifice personal time and resources to unselfishly serve their neighbors and the community at large.  

The SRTC would also like to thank all those who allowed us to place signs in their yards and businesses.   If there are any signs which need to be removed or you would like picked up please feel free to call me and I will arrange for someone to visit you immediately (203-605-7712).   Again thank you for your confidence in our elected officials and those who serve the city as volunteers.   Shelton is a stronger and more vibrant community for it and will continue to prosper with your assistance and cooperation.