On Tuesday, March 15, the Saint Lawrence Knitting Club was acknowledged at the St. Louise De Marillac Values Recognition ceremony at Saint Vincent’s Medical Center.  The award recognized the students who knitted prayer shawls for the patients at the Saint Vincent’s Cancer Center.  Some of the prayer shawls were full size and some pocket size. The pocket size shawls were accompanied by the following message:

This is a pocket prayer shawl.

It was knitted with hymns and woven with prayers.

Created to soft melodies and with peaceful thoughts.

In the warmth of this shawl

May you feel God’s comfort

And the spirit of healing, in a time of need.

Through the power of prayer.

The St. Vincent’s staff shared with the girls the impact of their gifts for those struggling and in need of prayers.  In a beautiful and moving ceremony, the members of the Knitting Club heard firsthand how prayer,  compassion, and personal connections can change lives.