Scarpas pass the SHS Drama Club torch

This year, Gary and Mia Scarpa have decided to put the SHS musical in the hands of three drama club alumni and Center Stage regulars. Justin Zenchuk, Katherine Sedlock, and Fiona Bryson will take the reins this year for their upcoming production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
“We’re very happy to pass the torch to Justin, Katherine, and Fiona,” says Mia Scarpa.  “I am serving as their mentor this year at SHS, and it has been a pleasure to watch them grow.”  Zenchuk, Sedlock, and Bryson have assisted the Scarpas on many productions at SHS and Center Stage.  “The Scarpas have taught me everything I know and the directing team strives continue their legacy,” says Zenchuk.

Sedlock adds, “The Scarpas have molded us into a strong team, and because of their influence, we have had a smooth and positive rehearsal process.” Bryson notes the long friendship the three have shared doing theatre together in Shelton, “I’m just so elated that the friendship forged during our time in the drama club has allowed us to work so productively on a creative pursuit.”

The Scarpas agree that Zenchuk, Sedlock, and Bryson are up for the challenge.  “These are three highly talented young adults who have much to offer the teens at SHS,” says Gary Scarpa.  “They are more than ready to show local audiences what they can do as a directing team.”

Shelton High School will hold performances of The Little Mermaid on Thursday April 28 at 7 PM, Friday April 29 at 8 PM, and Saturday April 30 at 2 PM and 8 PM.  Tickets can be purchased by visiting