School board approves Perry Hill project

The Board of Ed unanimously voted to accept the estimated $150,000 Perry Hill School reconstruction project as completed during their regular meeting on Feb. 24.

According to Chairman of the Board of Education Mark Holden, the changes to the building won’t have a “huge impact” on the school or students. The changes are a part of everything in the school working and looking how they should.

Mayor Mark Lauretti and Superintendent Chris Clouet worked closely to devise a final plan to complete the work with the City and Board of Education facilities teams finishing most of the work.

Dr. Clouet said they were focused on quality and value in the process of agreeing on a cost-effective plan.

“I am very pleased at our ability to work together to get things done for the good of the students and community. I look forward to working on many future projects with our Board of Education and City officials,” said Dr. Clouet. “A spirit of pragmatism and collaboration has resulted in the Board of Education and the City moving forward on the Perry Hill School building project.”

The Board voted to accept the building as completed and have already begun filing the necessary documentation with the state in order to have millions of dollars in reimbursements transferred to the city, according to Dr. Clouet.

He added that working with Mayor Lauretti, they were able to produce a final list that satisfied both City Officials and Education Officials.

There are still a multiple items remaining to be finished on the school, according to Holden.

“The city will cover ‘most’ of the remaining items that need to be fixed and we’re going to have our staff do some of the more simple things,” said Holden.

An estimate of $150,000 is required to complete the project, according to Holden. The Board of Ed. has agreed to put up $30,000 for the repairs and the city will fill the $120,000 gap to fund the project.

“Some of the items we’re still looking for more cost effective ways to do them. From our standpoint, if the city can find a more cost effective way to replace the cameras on the outside of the school then it’s fine with us. All we care about is that everything that has to get done, gets done.”

Along with the outdoor surveillance cameras that have to be replaced, the school also requires repairs to its gym floor, minor cracks in cement walkways and attention to a classroom with ventilation issues.

The project is on schedule and will continue to move forward this summer.

“All work is expected to be finished prior to start of the next school year,” said Clouet.