School is back in session for Shelton (slideshow)


It’s that time of year again

An abundance of book bags, kids wearing their new clothes and school busses driving throughout the city can only mean one thing. Summer is officially over and school is back in session for Shelton.

Tears of fear and joy rolled down the faces of students and their parents Monday morning as the school busses made their first drop-offs of the school year to Sunnyside Elementary school.

Principal of the school, Amy Yost was one the faculty members in charge of welcoming the students, some of them for the first time ever. She smiled and greeted some familiar faces as well as comforted some unfamiliar ones.

“We’re all just happy to be back in school, we love our jobs and are excited to begin another year,” said Yost.

The students arrived to the front entrance of the school and were greeted with a red carpet with a balloon arch hanging over it. Parents were allowed to walk-in with their children if they wished to do so, but according to Yost this would be the only day that is permitted. She said she allows it on the first day to help establish the school as more of a comfort zone for the students.

When outgoing Superintendent, Freeman Burr was asked to take pictures in front of the arch with the staff, he politely declined.

“Today is all about the students and getting them off to a good start for the rest of the year,” said Burr.

Starting the school year off on the right foot proved to be a trend in the city as newly announced Principal of Booth Hill Elementary School, John Scalice wasted no time in communicating to his 3rd and 4th grade classes what his goals are for the school year.

“P.A.W.S,” said Scalice before explaining what the acronym meant in regards to how students were expected to conduct themselves. “Personal best, act responsibly, work and play safely, and show respect.”

Scalice said he too is excited for the school year to get underway so he can get to know his 300 plus students better.