School’s out, but keep working

Although only a small percentage of students or graduates want to hear this, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop working hard.

Do you have long-term goals that you were working toward during the school year that you haven’t met yet?


Then keep working.

Although the warm weather and seemingly open schedules may tempt you to spend the next two and one-half months doing a lot of hanging out with friends or absolutely nothing at all, your future self will thank you if you also schedule time to be productive.

Summer break is what most students look forward to all year long as it provides them with time off from all of the work they’ve done throughout the school year, but making sure that they’re reading, doing community service or simply planning out their future can be extremely beneficial.

Parents, of course there’s no greater time to schedule family vacations and set aside time to bond with your children, but making sure that they know their future is a priority is vital.

Rather than allowing your teens to sleep until noon every day, make them do research on schools they’d like to attend, majors they’d like to study, or careers they could see themselves in.

For the students who will be returning to or entering high school, should they already have an area of interest, it is not too early to begin researching internship opportunities. The experience your child gets “in the field” could provide them with the spark they need to take academics more seriously or open up their eyes to other potential career choices.

Far too often do students go on summer vacation and spend the entire time away from academics and other things that will benefit them, only to return to school in September feeling out of place and needing more time to readjust.

All of the above is not to say that kids should not enjoy the summer, but to merely point out that while you’re taking a long summer break, other students who are interested in similar fields as you are out doing work, conducting research or pursuing experience that will bring them closer to their goals.