Scouts in Troop 28 advance in rank

Boy Scout Troop 28 presented rank advancements at a Court of Honor ceremony yesterday.

Silver Eagle Palm

Brandon Guittard received the Silver Eagle Palm. To earn this achievement, a scout must be an Eagle Scout, have earned at least 36 merit badges, must be active in his troop for at least nine months since earning the rank of Eagle, demonstrate the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and continue to develop leadership skills.


Gabe Aponte, David Keith, Carl Leonzi III, Brendon Stuart and Alex Jacovino received the Star rank. To earn this rank, the scouts had to be active for at least four months as a First Class Scout, demonstrate scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in everyday life, earning six merit badges, including four from the required list for Eagle, take part in service projects totaling at least six hours of work and serving actively for four months in a position of responsibility

First Class Rank

Kevin Demaine received First Class Rank. To earn this rank, the scout had to orienteer a one mile compass course, participate in at least 10 separate troop activities, help plan a patrol menu for three meals, serve as his patrol’s cook for the three planned meals, discuss with a local official his constitutional rights and obligations as a U.S. citizen, discuss and demonstrate usage of lashings and the bowline know, demonstrate first aid skills and demonstrate scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in everyday life.

Tenderfoot Rank

Matthew Balcerzak, Isaac Seyer and Kyle Young earned the Tenderfoot Rank by improving their physical fitness, participation with their patrol in a campout, demonstrating basic first aid skills, demonstrating hiking safety, and displaying scout spirit by learning the scout oath, law, slogan and motto.

Boy Scout Troop 28 of Shelton is a member of the Housatonic Council and was organized in 1971. The troop is sponsored by the Mohegan School PTO and meets every Thursday at the Nike Site. The troop currently has 32 Boy Scouts.