Shelton High hosts 36th annual Senior Awards ceremony

Shelton High School held its 36th annual Senior Awards ceremony on Tuesday, June 5, in the Percy Kingsley Auditorium.

A total of 138 Shelton High School seniors were honored with scholarships, Kathleen Riddle, K-12 school counselor, said in her speech. The total award amount was approximately $263,000.

“The students being honored this evening have taken advantage of all the many opportunities, not only at Shelton High School but in our wonderful community,” Riddle said. “We are honoring those students that have not only displayed qualities of scholarship but demonstrated leadership, sportsmanship and responsibility. This evening is very special not only because it is the last celebration we have together before graduation, but it is a reminder of the supportive community in which we live in.”

All the seniors receiving awards, no matter how big or small, were all smiles and enjoyed spending the night together with their fellow seniors, including friends Jessica Bourque and Alyssa Grosso.

Dr. Beth Smith, headmaster, told the audience how happy she was to see numerous students going above and beyond the core values of Shelton High School.

“We believe as a school community it is extremely important to celebrate student success, which is why we are here tonight because the students who are seating before you, your sons and daughters and family members have met our expectations as outlined in our values at Shelton High,” Dr. Smith said. “It is [parents’] encouragement of [their] children and support of this fine institution that allows us to be here tonight. Thank you for being part of this celebration of excellence.”

Two of the memorable awards were given to Samantha Tiberi and Kelan Smith. Tiberi won $1,000 from the Jesse McCord Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is given in honor of the student who was tragically killed during the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, in memory of her spirit of compassion and love for fellow students. Smith won a full ride to the University of West Virginia from an Air Force ROTC Scholarship and will be commissioned a second lieutenant after his college graduation.

In closing remarks, James Colandrea, House 3 housemaster, marveled over how many of the awards were given in memory of a special person and how inspirational that should be towards the seniors.

“You, too, can change someone’s world in a moment simply by touching others’ heart in a way that could have never occurred without you,” Colandrea said. “Extend trust, confront reality, right wrongs and keep commitments. I appreciate all of you being here. Your family and friends appreciate you for your hard work, your courage and for your character. Let’s go forward and change our world together.”

Shelton High’s 2018 graduation ceremony is Thursday, June 21, at 6 p.m.