Shelton High student heading to 'Just Dance World Cup'

Joshua Hunter, a junior at Shelton High School qualified for the Just Dance World Cup: National Finals, after ranking sixth in the nation in the popular video game. The competition will take place in New York on the first weekend of December.

The Just Dance World Cup is an annual Just Dance event, pitting Just Dance players from all around the world against each other in terms of dancing skills.

“I’m very excited to compete in this competition, but more excited to meet other people that play the game around the United States,” Joshua said. “I am confident that I will do well. However, I don’t expect to win because there will be plenty of talent brought to the stage.”

When Joshua is not playing tennis on the court, you can find him playing the video game. He is currently placed sixth in the nation. He started to play Just Dance back in 2010 when the second Just Dance game was released. At first, he found it to be a fun activity to do with his family. Every year Just Dance releases a new game, and Joshua kept playing because wanted to experience the new songs and dances that came along with it.

“I enjoy dancing to the songs that I hear on the radio,” he said.  “It makes me happy that this game updates each year to what is relevant in today’s pop culture.”

His mother saw that he obtained high scores from the dances and researched if there were any competitions. When Joshua turned 13, he entered his first Just Dance competition. He placed 32nd in the United States. However, he knew he could only get better from there on;with time and practice, Joshua has excelled in Just Dance.

“Just Dance has affected my life positively because I have been able to communicate with others around the world who also enjoy this game as much I do,” said Joshua.