Shelton High students brainstorm ways to combat gun violence

A recent breach of Shelton High School’s security by a teen with a BB gun has led some of the school’s students to respond.

“The purpose of gun control is not taking firearms away from current gun owners or repealing the Second Amendment. The true purpose is to ensure that in the future, guns are not placed in the wrong hands,” said high school March for Our Lives organizer and SHS student Julia Meyer. “In addition, the purpose is reforming the Second Amendment to meet today’s weapon standards.”

On May 21, Shelton High School had an incident in which a BB gun was in a student’s possession on campus. This happened three days after the Sante Fe, Texas, shooting. The situation was handled proactively, according to Superintendent Dr. Chris Clouet, and everyone in the building was safe.

It has been three months since the March for Our Lives protest took place in Shelton. Hundreds of local residents gathered together along the RiverWalk to protest against gun violence and promote safety for schools.

From freshmen to seniors, most people The Shelton Herald encountered agreed that guns have no place in a school. Since the March for Our Lives in Shelton, there have been other school shootings across the nation.

The MOFL organizers are arranging a student-led organization at the high school and college levels demanding action for “gun sense and many other political issues.” According to Meyer, the organization would serve as an outlet for teenagers to express their thoughts on gun violence and safety, said organizers, because they are the ones who are affected the most. “Personally, I’m hoping to get to work with other activists from around the country to continue fighting for this issue,” said Meyer.

June 1 is National Gun Awareness Day and is the start of the Wear Orange Weekend campaign, in which people will wear orange to show their support for gun violence prevention and to honor victims.

Events will take place throughout the weekend with rallies, protests, and even barbecues across the country.

On Sunday, June 3, at 1 p.m., Fairfield will also host a Wear Orange rally to raise awareness at the Town Hall Green.