Shelton Intermediate School supports The Valley Goes Pink

For the second time in two years, Headmaster of the Shelton Intermediate School Kenneth Saranich has been duct taped to a wall for a cause by his students.

That’s right, on Oct. 14 at around 12 p.m, during the school’s designated lunch period, students were able to purchase lengthy pieces of duct tape for a $1 to help tape their Headmaster to a wall located in their cafeteria.

The event is a part of their “Pink Week” fundraiser that the school is partaking in to help raise money for the Valley Goes Pink in an effort raise awareness for breast cancer. This year SIS is teaming up with Perry Hill and Shelton High School on the mission to raise money for Valley Goes Pink.

“We wanted to team up with the other schools to get rid of the sense competition and focus more on raising money for a great cause. It’s essential that we teach the kids about raising funds for a cause at such a young age because it gives them the opportunity to help contribute where they live,” said Saranich. “It’s really fantastic.”

Saranich said that at the end of October the three schools will add up the funds they’ve raised to make the donation. Last year, SIS raised money for a school in Costa Rica.

They are planning to hold hat day on Thursday Oct. 15 and “Totally Pink Day” on Friday Oct. 16 to wrap up their Pink Week.