Shelton Land Conservation Trust annual meeting

The Shelton Land Conservation Trust (SLCT) held its 47th annual meeting to discuss the importance of members renewing their memberships and supporting local farmers.

As the SLCT continues to look for more members, with prices varying for regular and lifetime commitments, it also re elected its board members and its other positions at its meeting last week.

President Joe Welsh, Vice President Edward McCreery, Treasurer Paul Uhrynowski and Board members Marge Estok, Pat Gajdoski, Jackie Lauriat, Robert Liddel, Bruce Nichols, Margaret Paulson, Donald Pendagast, and Lynn Todd Reid were all re elected.

The SLCT is currently in search of a secretary.

During the meeting, the SLTC took a look at two locally produced documentaries that examined farmers in Connecticut. One of the two focused documentaries was called, “The New Farmer’s Voice” and focused on Laurel Glenn Farm in Shelton. The short film also highlighted the dependency local farmers have on the community and them continuing to sign up for the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) plan. A CSA has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer while receiving farmer a box of vegetables or whatever crops are in season at the time.

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