Shelton Trails Committee looking for helping hands

The three nor’easters have brought many branches and in some cases trees down across the city’s 25 miles of trails. The Trails Committee’s seven volunteer members can’t possibly clear all of the trails; we need the hiking/biking community to help. The Trails Committee asks that as you use the trails, pick up sticks and branches and toss them into the woods. If you come across a “blowdown” that requires a chainsaw, email with the trail name and approximate location.

For future help the committee has established a Trail Monitor program (see their blog - whereby trail users can adopt a full or section of a trail that they often hike and report any significant problem to the email address above. The Lollipop League Challenge has been extended until June 2 for people to hike 12 designated trails and receive a path tag (see our blog). People that want to help or want to be notified about upcoming guided hikes and work parties should send their email address to the above @gmail account. The committee recently built a pedestrian bridge and created the Stockmal Trail. The group will lead a wildflower hike in April and a joint hike with Monroe in June. You can also follow the committee on Facebook – Shelton Trails and Conservation.