Shelton actress Anna Lakomy stars opposite Julia Montgomery (One Life to Live, Revenge of the Nerds) in an edgy sci-fi short, "Appetence."

The film is about a loving, but manipulative stage mom (Montgomery) who convinces her idealistic and ambitious starlet daughter (Lakomy) to “stop eating to save the world” and ignites the Feeder Diet Revolution that propels her to ultimate stardom – but at what price?

The idea for this edgy sci-fi short came when writer/executive producer Paul Cenzoprano was pondering about what may cause people to stop eating in the future and realizing it would probably be due to a fad launched by Hollywood.

It was shot in NYC and is set in the near future in which “infusion active nutrition” can be a substitute for eating real food. A unique “feeding device” was specially designed for the film by Stevie Famulari and team from Greening Forward.