Shelton author publishes a political novel

Celine Rose Mariotti, an author from Shelton, has a new book out entitled "Adventures on Capitol Hill: The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson."

This is the first in the "Adventures on Capitol Hill"series being published by, a small press in Maryland.

Mariotti has published numerous books in the past, including novels, children’s stories, poetry and a foreign textbook on U.S. presidents.

The plot: A U.S. senator is kidnapped

In her new book, the U.S. Senate votes on a resolution to voice their disapproval of President Robinson sending troops to Botswana. After the vote, later in the same day, Sen. Andy Thompson is kidnapped.

The Senate holds hearings to find out who’s responsible for kidnapping Thompson while the FBI searches for him.

Senators suspect the deputy assistant secretary of state is the one who had Thompson kidnapped. Then the president has a heart attack.

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Omnilit and Kobe. It can also be purchased from the author by emailing

Lifelong resident

A lifelong resident of Shelton, Mariotti’s work has appeared in many literary magazines in the United States, Australia, England, India, Scotland and Thailand.

Her books include "Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?" (for children), "What Corporate America is Really All About" (nonfiction), "I Have a Friend on Jupiter!" (young adult science fiction), and "Minister’s Shoes" (mystery).