Shelton author publishes book of poetry

Celine Rose Mariotti, an author and poet from Shelton, has published a new book of poetry entitled "Words of Inspiration."

It is a collection of poems about her family, about special friends in her life, and about singers Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tom Jones.

There also are poems that touch on the New York Giants football team and Fozzie the Muppet Bear, a children’s character.

Mariotti said the poetry is intended to uplift people, providing hope and faith.

The self-published book can be ordered on Amazon or people can contact her directly by email at

Work published around the world

Mariotti is a lifelong resident of Shelton who has always loved to write. Her poetry and stories have been published regularly in literary journals since 1991, from Australia to Canada as well as the United States.

She is the author of a primary textbook of essays on U.S. presidents used in India and writes a monthly column for PCM Magazine of India.

Previously published books have included fiction and nonfiction, including "Minister’s Shoes," "I Have a Friend on Jupiter!," "What Corporate America is Really All About," and "Olivia MacAllister, Who Are You?"