Shelton could be welcoming its first Big Y as soon as October

P&Z considering plans for Crabtree Dealership

Stephen Bellis, attorney for the old Crabtree site located at 405 Bridgeport Ave., announced at the latest Planning and Zoning (P&Z) board meeting that Big Y planned to sign the lease for the property on Feb. 10, but that date will now be pushed back to finalize some details for the property.

The main project has been approved, according to Bellis, but the talk of implementing an 800 square foot kiosk near where the gas station will be on the property pushed the possible lease signing back until the board’s next meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

“This is something the they (Big Y representatives) wanted to have near the gas station,” said Bellis.

Board members were against some of the details Bellis mentioned when describing the 800 square foot building that would be operated by an attendant.

P&Z Chairman Ruth Parkins referred to the building in question as a “convenience store” because Bellis had said Big Y reps were looking to sell cigarettes, candy, bottled water, soda, among other items. Her and other board members were opposed to the selling of cigarettes and creating a building that would develop too much foot traffic. They did approve the kiosk to sell motor oil, windshield wiper fluid and other products for vehicles.

Bellis said he is unsure if the kiosk is a walk-in building v.s a walk up window, but said it is not a convenience store.

“They’re not going to sell lottery tickets or any of that stuff,” said Bellis.

“This isn’t supposed to be a convenience store,” said Parkins. “It’s supposed to be a gas station accessory, but it’s turning into one. They are trying to push the envelope.”

The store plans to implement a coin based redemption system where customers can use coins they collect to get items from the kiosk for free or gas for a reduced price.

Commissioner Jimmy Tickey said he is concerned about approving the kiosk for consideration of what neighboring residents feared when the idea of a supermarket/gas station occupying the property became a possibility, such as loud noise and other disturbances.

“They were concerned about extra activity, they were concerned about lights, and now you’ve got a situation where you’re pulling up to go running into a store,” said Parkins.

Bellis said a “Coming soon sign” for the supermarket will be placed on the property shortly after the lease is finalized and signed. According to Bellis, the estimated wrap-up date for the project is Oct. 2016.

“This is something the they (Big Y representatives) wanted to have near the gas station,” said Bellis.

The project was tabled until the board’s next meeting on Feb. 24.