Shelton couple looks to create a children’s museum: Public presentations start Monday

Shelton residents Mark and Sheri Hatfield want your support to create a successful children’s museum they want to build in the Lower Naugatuck Valley: The Kidnetic Clubhouse. For two years, they’ve had a mobile place to play, and now they want a permanent location.

After the birth of their son, the couple discovered the educational value of a children’s museum — a place for children to play and learn. This is where the Kidnetic Clubhouse comes in.

Since 2012, the couple has been creating a mobile museum for kids to play and learn.

The clubhouse is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create a fun and exciting children’s museum in the lower Valley area that will be powered by play. Work is now underway to build community support, raise funds and bring the museum to life.

The basic concept of The Kidnetic Clubhouse is simple; provide a fun, safe and sustainable environment for children up to age 10 that promotes the benefits of self-directed play.

“Our ultimate goal is to build a museum that is not only unique in its mission, but unique in its delivery of that mission with a detailed and creative approach to our exhibits,” the Hatfied’s website said.

Many of the interactive playspaces that are being planned will be designed to capture the kinetic energy of kids while they play with features like hand cranks, levers, pedals and even energy-generating flooring. That energy can then be used to power lights, sounds and other fun things around the museum.

Building a children’s museum is a large undertaking, and requires the efforts of a committed group of individuals, as well as a great deal of community support, the Hatfields said.

Public presentations Monday, Wednesday

The Kidnetic Clubhouse will be hosting two public presentations at the Huntington Branch Library from 7 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 15, and Wednesday, Sept. 17, to discuss their plans for the children’s museum, ask for feedback and enlist the help of anyone who would like to make a positive difference in the lives of young children, as well a make a positive impact in the community.

For more information visit or find them on Facebook.

They are currently looking at locations for their clubhouse in Shelton, Derby, Orange, Stratford, Monroe and Trumbull.