Shelton dog's birthday gets official recognition

A proclamation from Mayor Mark Lauretti on Monday made official the local celebrity status and fundraising power of Kinzy Bean Yolish — a 13 year-old Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix — owned by Board of Education member Kathy Yolish.

For the roughly 70 guests who attend Kinzy Bean’s birthday party each year, the celebrity status of the Shelton Morkie was never in question.

Kathy and her husband, Norman Yolish, have hosted a birthday party for Kinzy almost every year since adopting her. The celebration has become a major fundraiser for the Shelton Animal Shelter. Overall, Yolish estimates that Kinzy has raised some $15,000 for shelter veterinary care and $5,000 to $6,000 in animal food donations.

Monday’s party, hosted at Vazzy’s Cucina, featured the guest of honor dressed up and, more often than not, comfortably in the arms of her owner, Kathy Yolish.

Photo displays featured some of Kinzy’s career highlights, including meeting Loretta Swit, who played Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in M.A.S.H. In another, Kinzy wears a sweater signed by late U.S. Sen. John McCain.

“Sen. McCain asked for a copy of the photo of her wearing it,” Yolish said. “I sent it to him.”

Mayor Lauretti attended the party with a proclamation from the City of Shelton, naming Oct. 15, 2018 “Kinzy Bean Yolish Day.”

The proclamation noted some of Kinzy’s accomplishments, writing, in part:  “Under loving care of her owner, Kinzy Bean has become a celebrity with a big heart.”

The proclamation goes on to read: “Whereas, today Kinzy Bean celebrates her 13th birthday. She has shown how with a little effort and awareness you can make a difference to help support agencies in the City of Shelton and other local areas.”

In addition to the proclamation, Monday’s party raised another $2,600 for Shelton Animal Shelter’s veterinary care fund and more than $500 in food donations. According to Kathy Yolish, “Kinzy gives it four paws.”