Shelton family grateful for progress made on home damaged in fire

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One Shelton family is not only celebrating the beginning of a new year, but also three months of progress made on their home which was damaged by flames earlier this year as a result of an aerosol can that was left inside of their dryer.

According to homeowner Diana Davis, the whole house has been stripped down to wood studs and everything being is replaced from basement to attic.

“There’s no walls, ceilings, or floors,” said Mrs. Davis. “Even though the fire began in one little laundry room and was put out within 15 minutes, we still had to strip the entire house.”

Jan. 1 marked three months since the tragedy occurred.

Mrs. Davis said she and her family are thankful for the continuous support from the community.

“I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how far we've come,” said Mrs. Davis. “I will always be grateful to the community support, as well as our family and friends. We're comfortably settled in a beautiful rental home and visit the old, soon-to-be-new, home daily.”

Mrs. Davis clarified that her husband visits the family’s home daily, as seeing the damage done can be a lot for her to take in.

“My husband goes back everyday, when I go back I find it too disturbing so I don’t visit as much. I typically go back once a week because emotionally I am just not there yet,” said Mrs. Davis. “He’s awesome and working more closely with the contractors.”

She added that her family is also grateful for the work being done by contractors and their determination to finish the repairs by mid-summer 2017.

“The contractors have been suffering and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it is to be in there working because of the cold weather,” said Mrs. Davis.

She said the next step for the family is to add insulation, electricity and heat into the home. They’re also planning on redoing the roof, despite it not being covered by their insurance.

The Davis family is currently staying in a rental home located in Shelton where they celebrated the holidays to cap off their gloomy end to 2016.

“It was tough but we made the best of it. We had a tree and one of the things that I did for the kids was buy them another hamster that looked just like the one who perished in the fire. My hope was that it might help with the healing process. We still have each other and that’s what matters most.”

She added that although the family’s adjustment to the fire has been anything but easy, they’re remaining optimistic and thankful of all that wasn’t damaged.

“It’s starting to feel like home, but most of all we’re just fortunate that we have a place to live that’s still relatively close and that didn’t disrupt our school schedule or anything too badly,” said Mrs. Davis. “We’re not letting this spoil everything else we have to be grateful for.”

To date, the Davis home’s siding is mostly done, the roof is done and contractors will start rebuilding the inside “soon,” according to Mrs. Davis.

After the all that has transpired, Mrs. Davis said her family can never thank the community enough for all of their help.

“I will never forget the generosity to the people of Shelton as well as friends from far away. I'd give it all back to have this event erased from my life, but that's not possible,” said Mrs. Davis

She added that she is also thankful for the job done by the city’s first responders and their neighbors.

“The fire departments throughout Shelton did a tremendous job. Thank you to our quick reacting neighbors who stayed with Joey while he was alone outside watching the house go up in flames,” said Mrs. Davis. “I would never wish this experience on anyone but I want all who helped to know that we'll never forget your kindness and you've set a beautiful example to our children. Because of you all, they know what a community does in need.

“The neighbors have been so helpful picking up the leaves and others have already volunteered to help out with the snow removal.”

Mrs. Davis spoke for her family when she wished the entire Shelton community a Happy New Year and their high hopes for a better 2017.