Shelton kennel club helps get canine officers awards

Sen. Richard Blumenthal presented the CGC Medal to Newtown and Orange police dogs at Trap Falls Kennel Club Canine Karnival event. The club is a nonprofit organization based in Shelton.

Blumenthal gave medals to St. Michael, a Canine officer in Newtown, and Travis, a Canine officer in Orange, each with an award and medal from the American Kennel Club (AKC) for earning their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles.

CGC is a program developed by the AKC to recognize and reward “responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.” State legislatures began recognizing the CGC program as a means of advocating responsible dog ownership, and 34 states now have Canine Good Citizen resolutions.

Upon presenting the award, Blumenthal emphasized his support of military and police dog units, saying, “I have been active in the U.S. Senate seeking to care for our military and police working dogs and enable more people who suffer from disease and hardship to benefit by having the companionship of dogs.

"Dogs, like the ones being honored here today, were instrumental and profoundly valuable to the Newtown community in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy," he continued, "I want to thank our law enforcement folks in the state and country for not only being great dog lovers, but by being companions and partners with our dogs.  I am proud to present these medals and awards to the police canine officers who are here today from Newtown and Orange.”

About the kennel club

Trap Falls Kennel Club  is devoted to the betterment of the purebred dog and is an advocate for the purebred and mixed breed dog as a family companion.

Trap Falls has been recognized by state officials as being instrumental in serving the community by raising money for Connecticut and New York shelters after Hurricane Sandy; sending supplies to canine units in Afghanistan; and spearheading a campaign to raise money to replace the retired police dog in Newtown.