Shelton kennel club offers dog safety program to students

Trap Falls Kennel Club of Shelton will present a “Doggie Safety” program for Multicultural Magnet School students in Bridgeport on April 16.

Children and their parents will be taught about dog behavior, how to act around dogs, how to approach a strange dog, and the general benefits of dog ownership.

The kennel club regularly makes presentations to civic, public and nonprofit organizations as part of its public education program. The Multicultural Magnet School visit was coordinated through the Bridgeport YMCA and its after-school program on the multi-school campus that includes Multicultural Magnet.

The nonprofit Trap Falls Kennel Club offers training classes, dog breed referrals, pet therapy, dog shows, and other activities and services. It is a member of the American Kennel Club and serves northern Fairfield County.