Shelton man creates items to help improve lives

Imagine having a robot mowing your lawn, and storing the grass clippings for you to later throw away so they don’t sit on the grass.

It would be perfect on a sweltering hot day.

Shelton resident Glenn Bader is working toward that creation, winning an award at the Entrepreneurship Foundation’s annual competition for a plan to pursue the idea.

Bader headed the KolWorks student team from Housatonic Community College (HCC) at the competition. In 2011, Bader formed his company Kolworks Engineering LLC.

“My first contract was for a company in Milford designing display signs for trains,” he said. “During this time and to the present, I have been working on a robotic product that could help people around the house.”

Device will learn about its surroundings

The first product to be designed will be able to mow lawns, gather leaves, and carry about 100 pounds.

“This product will be designed to add other options later to expand its uses for the customer,” Bader said. “The device is able to be trained to learn about its surroundings so that it can do its job without human control.

“If the owner wants the device to follow them — in the case of carrying something for the homeowner — a homing device will be available,” he said.

Other options to be available

“Other options that will be available are a recharging station, a re-seeder, a fertilizer, and a pooper scooper attachment,” Bader said.

“The pooper scooper unit instructs the unit to scout a predetermined area and bag and remove the objects,” he said. “The product is in the development stage and should be available by the end of the year.”

Bader has a degree in computer engineering from the University of Bridgeport, and is working toward his associate’s degree in business at HCC.

Presenting a plan

During the Entrepreneurship Foundation’s Fall 2013 Connecticut Business Plan Competition, college student teams presented a venture for consideration.

The semiannual event is designed to be like Connecticut’s own version of the popular Shark Tank television program.

Some ideas are retail and service businesses while others are technology startups seeking to attract venture capital investment.

Presenters defend their business plan before a panel of entrepreneurs and investors. The judges grill the students to test their knowledge of the product or service, the market, the competition, the capital required to launch the business, and relevant legal and tax issues.

The Entrepreneurship Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Fairfield, provides a variety of educational resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, incubator developers, and entrepreneurship teachers in Connecticut.

Has earned patents

Bader has completed many projects for companies during his career as a computer engineer.

“I have designed products for military communications equipment, special effects products for broadcast companies, graphics design products for the PC [personal computer] market, and embedded products for a wide range of companies,” he said.

Some of his designs include an early breast cancer detection device using high-intensity light, a laser controller for an industrial equipment maker, and other embedded product designs.

“One of the embedded designs for a customer earned two patents for them and for me,” Bader said. “My present job is designing the hardware for display signs used in trains.”

Next competition is in April

The Entrepreneurship Foundation’s Spring 2014 Connecticut Business Plan Competition is scheduled for late April.

Investors and other interested members of the public who wish to participate may contact Michael Roer at