Shelton man makes prize-winning catches

The Valley was represented at the Lake Ontario Counties Fall Derby Aug. 21-Sept. 7 in Wilson, N.Y., near Niagara Falls.

There were close to 4,000 entries from all over the United States and Canada. Fishing partners Ron DeGregoria of Ansonia, Anthony “Teo” Teodosio of Derby, Gene DeGiovanni of Oxford and Frank Pelaccia of Shelton fished off the Lone Wolf Charter boat.

Pelaccia posted a 22-pound king salmon and a 14-pound steelhead and only got beat by one ounce for the largest fish that day.

On the third day, Pelaccia reeled in a 16-pound steelhead on an E-Chip lure. He won largest steelhead for that day with a cash prize and placed second for the overall largest.

On that Sunday, Pelaccia fell to third place and by Monday was already home even though the tournament was still being fished. By the end of the tournament Pelaccia came in sixth place out of 4,000 entries in the steelhead division along with receiving a cash prize.