Shelton officials offer advice on preparing for emergencies

The city of Shelton has committed to participate in National Preparedness Month in September to increase emergency preparedness throughout the city.

The event is a nationwide, month-long effort hosted by the Ready Campaign and Citizens Corps. Now in its ninth year, it encourages households, businesses and communities to prepare and plan for emergencies.

One of National Preparedness Month’s key messages is to be prepared in the event an emergency causes you to be self-reliant for three days without utilities and electricity, water service, access to a supermarket or local services, or maybe even without response from police, fire or rescue.

Four important steps

Preparing can start with four important steps:

1. Be informed about emergencies that could happen in your community, and identify sources of information in your community that will be helpful before, during and after an emergency.

2. Make a plan for what to do in an emergency.

3. Build an emergency supply kit.

4. Get involved.

A shared responsibility

Preparedness is a shared responsibility; it takes a whole community. This year’s National Preparedness Month focuses on turning awareness into action by encouraging individuals, businesses and communities to make an emergency preparedness plan.

“Before an emergency is the time to prepare,” said Michael Maglione, Shelton emergency management director. “You do not have to wait for the day before an event. This just adds to the anxiety and emotion of what may happen. Plan and prepare with your family, your business colleagues and your community.”

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