Shelton resident upset at roadside litter tries a unique approach

A Shelton homeowner created this sign to try to stop a passing motorist from throwing garbage on her property.
A Shelton homeowner created this sign to try to stop a passing motorist from throwing garbage on her property.

A homeowner on a residential road in western Shelton hopes a lawn sign and verbal discussion with the possible perpetrator will cut down on the trash she has been finding in her yard.

The homeowner lives on Applewood Drive, a horseshoe-shaped road off Walnut Tree Hill Road, and said a wooded section of her property along the road was becoming the frequent recipient of litter.

“There was lots of trash, such as beer cans, McDonald’s items and paint cans,” said the homeowner.

'It's annoying'

The trash-tossing incidents appeared to be taking place most often on Friday evenings, and she wasn’t sure if it was a group of youngsters or someone older than that.

The homeowner is proud of the look of her rural neighborhood. She had upgraded this section of her yard by clearing some brush and cutting the grass.

“I just kept cleaning [the trash] up but I shouldn’t have to do that,” she said. “It’s annoying. They must think of it as an empty field where it’s convenient to throw things toward the trees, so their family won’t know they’ve been drinking.”

Handmade sign put up

The homeowner then put up a handmade lawn sign as a way to try to reach the perpetrator’s conscience. “My yard — not a personal dump. Plz take home,” stated the sign placed in the grass near the road.

“I hope he gets embarrassed, but I doubt it,” she said after first putting up the sign.

A short while later, she finally saw a driver apparently throw something out of his vehicle onto to her property and later was able to speak with the motorist. She described him as an elderly man who lives on a nearby road, and it appears he had been drinking at the time.

“I told him I saw him do it and he shouldn’t be doing that,” the homeowner said, “and if I saw him do it again I would call the police.”

His reaction? “He looked up at the sky and didn’t really say much at all,” she said. “All he said was, ‘Oh really.’”

Since this confrontation, she hasn’t found any new litter in her yard and has taken down her lawn sign. She is hoping her approach has solved the problem.