Shelton residents join board to support those affected by mental illness

Karen Forrest and Mark Krantz, long-time residents of Shelton, were elected to the Board of Directors of NAMI Fairfield, a community organization providing support and education for people affected by mental illness.

Six other new appointments expand the Board to 14 directors.

“I believe that people often do not know where to turn when loved ones or friends need help with mental health issues, so I am especially eager to let Shelton’s residents know more about NAMI Fairfield,” said new Board member Mark Krantz. Karen Forrest added, “I am so excited to have this opportunity to contribute to this great organization that offers everyone in our local community impacted by mental illness access to support groups and educational programs.”
NAMI Fairfield hosts a free support group for family members of people living with mental illness--offering encouragement, acceptance and advice in a warm, non-judgmental setting. This group is open to everyone in the community and is held on the third Wednesday of each month. Guest speaker presentations, a book group and NAMI’s signature education programs are also offered, all free of charge. For more information and to join NAMI Fairfield, visit