Shelton residents should help develop Bridgeport Avenue

Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments (NVCOG) is in the third year of studying the route 8 corridor including Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton. March 26, they held a public meeting at RD Scinto presenting the results of workshops conducted last year and a vision for future development. The 2017 election showed that Shelton citizens are concerned about over development along Bridgeport Ave. I want to summarize the NVCOG Proposal and encourage more people to participate.

My first impression is they want to create more density in ways that are logical; concentrated rather than sprawled across town. At the core were transportation hubs with green space at the heart surrounded by mixed-use three-to-four story buildings of different types so each demands parking at varying times of day enabling shared parking lots.

Building complete streets rather than car-only roads was another aspect. Complete streets are designed for safe multiuse traffic; cars, buses, bicycles and walking. Sidewalks and bike paths are prominent features and something I know Shelton residents desire.

Speaking of buses CT FasTrak, which is extremely successful from New Britain to Hartford beating ridership forecasts plus spurring economic development, was discussed for Shelton. Rather than separate roadways this FasTrak could have bus-only bypasses for busy intersections along Bridgeport Ave. and other congestion points to give riders an advantage over a car at rush hour.

The best part about these plans is the public outreach conducted by the NVCOG. All Shelton residents concerned about over development or traffic should attend future workshops and presentations.