Shelton teens tackle safe driving this prom season

High school students from Shelton, Ansonia, Oxford and Derby helped write, direct and produce three Public Service Announcements on safe teen driving that were selected to appear on the Consumer Reports’ website.

The PSAs recently premiered at an event at Griffin Hospital as part of Safe Kids Greater Naugatuck Valley and Griffin Hospital’s Community Outreach Department’s Safe Teen Driving Program.

The PSAs included Liam Cummings, Fred Dapp, Michelle Kellett, Sean Kellett, Carly Seamon, and Kristen Sewell, all of Shelton.

The PSAs will air on the Consumer Reports website during the high school prom season to teach teenagers about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving, especially driving while texting.

The local teenagers have been working on the PSAs since last summer with the help of Safe Kids Greater Naugatuck Valley and area video producer Ilene Wolf, of Finding Center Productions.

The PSAs:

— “No Big Deal” depicts two Valley teens on graduation day and how their lives are cut short due to drinking and driving and texting and driving.

— “It Was Me” focuses on how much teenagers can lose by drinking and driving, texting and driving, and aggressive driving.

— “More to Life” follows what should be a monumental day for a teen who is excited about his upcoming wrestling matches, his girlfriend, and an opportunity to go to college, but all his dreams are cut short by what should have been a celebratory text.

The PSAs are available for viewing on Griffin Hospital’s YouTube Channel.