Shelton trio donates proceeds to Make-A-Wish

Three young Shelton residents raised and donated more than $8,000 they collected from running an annual lemonade stand they started four years ago.

Most 12 and 13 year olds are worried about who their favorite celebrity is dating or when they can hang out with their friends next, but twins Alex and Emma D’Amico,13, and their friend Megan Loiacano, 12, aren’t just any kids.

Together, the three best friends make up the fund-raising trio called “3 For Faith” who have gained recognition over the past three years for raising money to donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for children suffering from cancer.

“We’re just a couple of kids doing what we can to make a difference,” said Alexandra before explaining that she and her sister have actually done the fund-raiser for four years, but the first year they hadn’t formed 3 For Faith yet.

Loiacano said she enjoys the entire experience of organizing this annual fund-raiser.

“It’s so much fun to do this entire process with my best friends and raise money for people in need,” said Loiacano. “It feels good to support kids who need help.”

With an annual usage of 45 pounds of lemons, the trio said preparing their inventory for their lemonade stand takes place months in advance.

“We’re already planning for our next one,” said Emma. “We’re thinking of adding more items to sell at our lemonade stand and we’re thinking of helping out with more because we don’t to limit ourselves to one event per year, we want to help as much as possible.

The trio also sells handmade scarves and key chains at their stand.

“Every single penny we raise goes to fund research for childhood cancer; we’ve never kept a dime of the proceeds,” said Emma.

The inspiration for this fund-raiser came from the D’Amico twins’ younger cousin being diagnosed with kidney cancer when he was just six months old. He’s now living cancer-free, but the twins took his experience and turned it into motivation to help other suffering kids.

“The support we receive every year is really awesome because everyone comes together for such a great cause. We organize the fund-raiser but we couldn’t do it without everyone else’s help,” said Alex.