Sheltonites get chainsaw tips from the pros at Stihl

A Stihl chainsaw training class for all users took place April 11 at the Shelton Farmer’s Market Building downtown.

Stihl representatives offered advice on how to use chainsaws, with a focus on safety.

The training session was organized for Shelton Trails Committee members but also was open to the public at no charge.

“Since the recent major storms and hurricane, we’ve been talking about the need for more safety awareness,” said Sheryl Dutkanicz, a member of the Conservation Commission as well as the Trails Committee.

The session was sponsored by the Trails Committee and Stihl, which operates a distribution warehouse on Forest Parkway in Shelton

Jim Tate, a Conservation member, said he appreciated the guidance. “This is great,” Tate said. “It will help all the volunteers know how to operate the equipment.”