Sign up to become a Shelton fire volunteer

Fire photo of a Shelton Fire Department truck.
Fire photo of a Shelton Fire Department truck.

The Shelton Fire Department is seeking volunteers for its four fire companies. Volunteers are needed with various types of knowledge, skills and abilities.

This is a chance for residents to make a difference, serve the community, and learn new skills to boost their career and lifestyle.

Not all volunteer fire company members participate in firefighting operations, as other tasks need to be completed as well.

“We encourage people to look into it,” said Joe Tassitano, a volunteer firefighter with the Huntington Company. “They can come do shadowing, when you watch our drills and maintenance operations.”

Open to men and women

Males and females are welcome to become volunteer firefighters. The minimum age is 16, with some legal restrictions on what activities those under 18 can do.

“It’s a great experience, with all the knowledge you get out of it,” said Tassitano, 23, a fire volunteer for six years. “There’s the brotherhood and sisterhood of sharing a passion for something you really like and love.

“And it’s not just firefighting,” he said. “There’s other activities, like raising money for Newtown at a boot drive — seeing the community’s support for such a good cause — or playing on the softball team. You experience so much together. I’ve become really good friends with many of my fellow firefighters.”

'Do you have what it takes?'

In Connecticut, 80% of volunteer departments need more volunteers. Fire companies in Shelton are Echo Hose, Huntington, Pine Rock Park and White Hills.

“Do you have what it takes?” asks a Shelton Fire Department recruitment poster. “Be a volunteer firefighter. Be an everyday hero.”

To find out how to become a Shelton volunteer firefighter, contact Recruitment and Retention Officer Ryan Mattioli at or 203-924-1555, ext. 314.