Snow day fun (slideshow)

An abundance of snow to some is an inconvenience, but to most kids it's a reason for celebration as it can often result in a snow day.

6th grader at Perry Hill Elementary School, Lillian Dewitt hosted her friends and cousins at her house for a day of ice skating on her family's pond that had frozen solid. Dewitt was joined by her friend and classmate at Perry Hill School, Lizzie Miska. The two took turns showing off their skills on their ice skates.

Dewitt's cousin, Nick McCarter who is a 4th grader at Booth Hill Elementary School, took the frozen pond as an opportunity to slide all over the ice in as many ways as possible. Whether he was sliding on his head, tummy, or taking leaps in between slides on his snow boots he had fun.

How did you and your kids or friends pass time in these past two days that have been filled with snow? Send us in your photos and video with a brief description attached to to be featured on our site.