Social media challenge results in damaged vehicle

One Shelton resident is urging other local homeowners to install surveillance cameras on their properties, after her vehicle was damaged by a trespasser who was participating in a social media challenge over the holiday weekend.

The “Drive-by Dunk Challenge” is a social media craze that has gained popularity over the past several months as basketball fans await the start of the 2017-18 NBA season.

The challenge is simple. A participant in the challenge will typically search for a home that has an outdoor basketball hoop that they can slam-dunk a basketball in before the homeowner notices or catches them.

Hundreds of videos have been posted to social media showing worldwide participation in the challenge, including submissions from NBA stars such as Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Despite its popularity, not everyone is amused by the trend.

Christina Tornifoglia of Long Hill Avenue said she was outraged when she watched footage from her home’s surveillance camera capture a suspect that entered her yard, climbed on top of her SUV, and crushed its retractable roof before fleeing the scene without looking back just after 12:30 p.m. on Labor Day.

To view the footage of the Shelton incident, click here.

“Not only did he enter someone else’s property, he damaged someone else’s property and then took off without even looking back,” said Tornifoglia. “He showed no remorse.”

Tornifoglia said she is currently unaware of the cost required to replace her vehicle’s roof, but she hopes police catch the suspect so they can cover the damages.

“Kids are kids, but I just can’t believe he did it and went about his business the way he did,” said Tornifoglia. “My front door was open so he knew that someone was home, but he did it anyways.”

Tornifoglia contacted the police and filed a report.

Shelton Police are searching for the suspect. If you have any information on this case or this has happened to your home as well, contact the Shelton Police Department at 203-924-1544.