Speeders and night visitors a concern at Nike site

Two Mohegan Road residents are asking city officials to do something about drivers speeding on the access road to the Nike site recreation area.

The residents, whose driveways are near the access road, suggested putting speed bumps on the road to improve the situation.

“It’s disturbing the amount of cars (adults and teenagers) that speed down that side street where so many kids are attending school or a sporting event,” one of the residents wrote to the Board of Aldermen.

The two residents, who are neighbors, attended an aldermanic committee meeting to discuss possible remedies. One of their properties abuts the access road.

Can hear people at night

They also said people occasionally gather at night at the Nike site and they can hear them talking and, sometimes, glass being smashed. They hear cars entering and leaving the property once it is dark. The police have been called to check on the situation in the past.

City officials said two possible solutions are putting in portable speed bumps on a seasonal basis and perhaps installing a locked gate on the road, before the buildings and parking area.

Now, the only gate is located after the buildings and parking area and is designed to prevent non-permitted vehicles from accessing the recreation fields.

In addition to various sports fields and related facilities, such as tennis courts, the Nike site houses the Hide Out before- and after-school program.

Most use is seasonal

Police Chief Joel Hurliman said up to four portable speed bumps could be installed on the access road during the warm-weather season, when the Nike site is busiest due to outdoor activities on its sports fields.

Hurliman said the parks or highways departments could be in charge of putting in the moveable speed bumps and then removing them at the appropriate time. “This is a seasonal issue due to the use of the fields,” he said.

Alderman John P. Papa suggested the idea of adding a gate, close to the tennis courts, to keep vehicles out at night and other unwanted times.

Hurliman agreed an appropriately placed gate could keep cars out of the site when they shouldn’t be there.

“We’ll look into the costs,” Papa said. “We’ll get things going.”

About the Nike site rec fields

The Nike site on Mohegan Road, near Mohegan School, is one of many former missile-launching sites in Connecticut and elsewhere in the United States.

The sites were operated by the U.S. Army from the late 1950s to as late as the early 1970s, at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Shelton site was decommissioned in 1961 and some of the land sold off for private residential development.